Truffle Season

Our limited-time time truffle menu is here! Specials featuring local black truffles are available from Monday 15 July.

Here comes truffle…

Let’s be honest, winter in Melbourne is pretty grim. It’s cold, rainy and just generally an abysmal time. 

But as soon as the weather started to turn, our team of chefs here at Ronnie’s were buzzing eagerly. See, for them this is the most exciting time of the year, because winter means one thing…

Truffle season has arrived!

This year, we’ve got our hands on plenty of the good stuff – really fragrant, flavoursome, locally sourced black truffles. And for a limited time, we’ve created some special dishes to highlight our favourite fancy little fungus. 

Kick things off with an arancini carbonara, complete with a shaving of fresh black truffle on top. Follow this up with our gnocchi al tartufo nero – house-made potato gnocchi pan-fried and tossed in a creamy black truffle sauce. Then double up on the carbs with mushroom tagliatelle – fresh pasta coated in a rich sauce with wild mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke chips and black truffle shaved on top.

We’ve also carefully selected wine pairings (both local and from abroad) to perfectly match this deliciously trufflesome trio of dishes. 

Every day we’re truffling

The fun doesn’t stop there! For a limited time as well, enjoy fresh black truffles shaved onto any of your favourite pastas and steaks from our full menu, as well as our fries and creamy polenta. Yes, please!

Unfortunately, truffles aren’t around forever. Book in a visit to Ronnie’s ASAP and get in truffle with us before our limited time menu is gone!