Welcome to Ronnie’s

Inspired by long days around the table, Ronnie’s is a place for friends and family to come together over a shared love of amazing food, great drinks and good conversation. A casual eatery where you can split a plate of pasta and a bottle of vino while catching up with an old friend, or spend hours winding your way through our extensive sharing menu. A place to get together with mates for a Friday night frothy or celebrate just getting through Wednesday with a cheeky Spritz.
Step inside the heritage façade and you’ll be greeted with a welcoming space, serving great drinks and a casual Italian menu. It’s the perfect local for a quick lunch or that after-work-drink-that-inevitably-turns-into-dinner. So bring your work fam, your urban fam or your actual fam and join us for a good time at Ronnie’s.

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Book a table for lunch or dinner, or just walk in and join us in the bar.

Let’s Eat

Ronnie’s menu is tasty, light, easy-to-share New York-Italian inspired food.

Much of the menu is based around the concept of cicchetti (Italian tapas) dishes like our fermented potato focaccia, buffalo mozzarella + lemon, and cacio e pepe inspired waffles.

If you’re still hungry, go ahead and dig into our small selection of handmade pastas or treat yourself to something delicious from our open grill.

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