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Matthew Butcher grew up watching his dad Ronnie cook in the family takeaway shop.  A country boy with a heart of gold and values to match, Ronnie loves to bring people together over a good meal and a few beers.  And it’s this simple but big-hearted philosophy that lives at the heart of what we do.

Famous in the Butcher family for the only pasta dish he ever makes, Ronnie’s approach to food is pervasive throughout the venue – delicious, hearty dishes designed to be shared.

You’re always welcome at Ronnie’s place.

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About Matthew

Matthew Butcher is a culinary visionary and restaurateur, responsible for some of Australia’s most unique hospitality venues.

Butcher cut his teeth alongside some of the industry’s international heavyweights including Gordon Ramsay, Shannon Bennett and Ryan Clift.

He now splits his time between Sydney and Melbourne, heading up innovative restaurant & bar group ETO Collective.

Meet The Team

Ronnie’s is brought to you by some of Australian hospitality’s brightest talent. 


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Scott built his kitchen chops in the UK, working for the legendary Nuno Mendes at progressive gastropub Bacchus before moving on to Viajante, and wrapping up life in London at cult restaurant Zuma. Back in Melbourne he turned his hand to some magic Mex at Mamasita before spending time running the culinary operations for Belle’s Hot Chicken. More recently he has made some noise at Automata and opening A1 canteen in Sydney before we got lucky and had him join our team. Not only can Scotty cook like an absolute demon but is probably the nicest, most level-headed chef ever to grace a kitchen. Pop your head over the pass and say hi…tell him we sent you!



Eddy is the life and soul of Ronnie’s. Originally hailing from Colombia where he spent 10 years building up his mad bar skills, Eddy skipped continents to Australia in 2013 and has never looked back (in fact, he recently became a permanent Aussie resident – give him a big “g’day” when you see him!). Working hand in hand with Matt Butcher for two years at Morris Jones, then moving with him to open and run Estate Kitchen in Coogee, before making the move back to Melbourne in mid-2021, Eddy’s experience and deep love for the hospo industry absolutely shines with every guest interaction. When he’s not at work, you will find Eddy sipping on a craft brew or stuffing his face with dumplings…and then madly riding his bike everywhere to burn off all the carbs.

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